YOUR French Speaking COACH


LANGUAGE COACH for French as a foreign language.


Master in Philosophy , ULB (Brussels-BELGIUM)
Degree in Philosophy, UCL (Louvain-La-Neuve-BELGIUM)

Specialized in Pedagogy of Participation
Using Skype & Interactivity
Developing Mind Mapping and Visualization


Open-minded and flexible. Able to work alone and in a team. Conscientious, trustworthy and punctuality for my tasks.


  • French: native speaker (C2)
  • English: fluent (B2)
  • Dutch: fluent (B2)
  • Spanish: basic (A1)
  • Swedish:basic (A1)


Teacher :

  • Philosophy
  • French
  • History

Project Officer Communication :

  • Public Relations in a multicultural area.
  • Communication Campaign.
  • Information top-down/bottom-up.
  • Strategic development.

Moderator :

  • Moderation contemporary issues.
  • Development of Newspapers & Internet Sites.

Employee :

  • Administration HR.
  • Internal Communications.
  • Internal Learning Programme.

My Mission

My mission is to deliver high quality coaching and to provide non-native speakers the tools to achieve their goals in a French professional environment. My unique blend of fun and professional lessons given in an engaging atmosphere will allow you to express, compete and collaborate better in your professional life.

Your French Speaker Coach

Learn fast with a very good method of speaking : 5 senses, 7 intelligences & Enjoy.

Lessons are adapted according to your specific needs and experience.
Strengthen your conversation abilities with a Professional Native French Speaker by focusing on your speaking skills.
Discover practical life.
Communicate with confidence in a professional environment.
  • Start from your points of “interest”, based on your needs & goals.
  • Evaluate your “level” in order to find the best way to personalize each session.
  • References used are the 7 standard European levels : A0, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
  • Work on your phonetics, pronunciation and musicality.
  • Integrate grammatical points during each session (according to your level). The grammar taught comes along with the context and is integrated directly in the conversation.



Delivering Personalized French Coaching. For new beginners to advanced speakers (level). Lessons are adapted according to your specific needs and experience. We will work with you to improve your French in all areas of your profession. Enjoy our program using dialogue in real situations. Quickly become independent ! 


Courses are flexible and adapted to the students depending on their skills and desired areas of improvement. Enjoy our participatory pedagogy respectful of the natural processes of learning efficiently a new language. Make lot of experience and interaction. Learn fast and be able to trust your intuition. Grammar is introduced into practice and is assimilated naturally.


Training Public Speaking & Debating & Group animation. Develop your ability to reason in French about a controversial issue. A successful debate speech should be clear, well reasoned and fluently delivered. We will spend several sessions building a case to support a position (a particular point of view). In order to anticipate the arguments of the opposition, we will prepare counterarguments.


Challenge yourself with real conversation practice and gain confidence via Skype. Apply what you’ve learned in your course. Stress management at the moment of exchange. Train yourself to understand that specific information that you have asked for. Work on the phonetics and musicality of the language.


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